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Our main business

Hengsheng Technology maintains a leading edge in the fields of Large-screen display, Image processor, Weak current integration, Conference system, Security systems, Multimedia distribution, and Multimedia engineering.

AV products

It mainly includes Image processor, Programmable central controller, Distributed seat management system, Management module, Signal matrix switcher and other AV products

Educational products

It mainly includes Gooseneck document camera, Projector, Central controller, Whiteboard, Multimedia all-in-one and other educational products

System products

It mainly includes Large-screen data visualization system, Paperless conference system, Remote bidding evaluation system, Command center and Dispatch Hall Command System

Other business

Bird-repellent for State Grid Project, Multifunctional squirrel repellent, Multifunctional bird repellent for transformer substation and other related products and services

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